Lancelin in Western Australia is the most versatile windsurf spot on the planet. It has flatwater inside a big bay, and its shallow close to the beach, which makes it ideal for learners, freestylers and flatwater blasters.
Outside,- surrounding the bay are various beach breaks, which guarantee quality waves for riding and jumping. Lancelin has been a Mecca for surfers from Perth long before windsurfing was invented.
The facilities are unique. The town is located right next to the surf spots so you can walk to the shops from there.

The main launching place is situated in front of the caravan place, at Grace Darling Park, or as known by the locals as the windsurf park. It has grassed rigging area toilets and showers.

The centre is generally open from October until end of April. The wind conditions are best from November until end of March with 70 -80% of sea breeze with an average of 20- 22 knots, - building up between 10 and 12 am, and blowing till dark. October and April are not quite as windy but you get blessed with very good swells.

October and November can be pretty cool when its windy so you wear at least a short wet suit. The water temp is always between 20 and 24 degrees, which is nice.

Things to do. Lancelin also offers allot for the time you are out of the water. There are excellent snorkelling areas around the two islands and the beaches are snow-white. There are also those massive sand dunes surrounding the town, and you can track up the dunes and slide down - or for the more adventurer ones you can hire some sandboards and attack them snowboard style.